Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big 50!

Today is Dan's 50th Birthday. Doing the Frat Party Friday night celebration. The burning question is: Will Dan attempt to drink 50 beers? Let's hope not. Happy Birthday! Have a great day.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Julie drops by outpost2

John and Julie made a quick stop on Labor Day weekend all the way from California.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

water spout

We finally saw a water spout over Lake O
Generally, waterspouts are given the honor of being called a "tornado over water". But waterspouts are not truly given the name of a real tornado until they reach land. I thought this one might reach land but it fell apart a few minutes after this picture was taken. This is the first water spout sighting for me, anyone else ever seen one?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Clam-O-Rama recap

This information is compiled from the official Spencerville logs, there were numerous people writing and making comments in the log. The kids spent many Clamos tye-dying everything in sight, that ended and next thing we know, they are drinking with us!!!

August 30, 1997: 37 people attended- Sunny warm- lake calm- Spencerville was buzzing with activity before the big party. Some golfed in the morning. Lisa got up on waterskis for the first time. And believe it or not Scotty was on a seadoo. Followed by, Excuse me!! To close to shore for Roger B. Party started and it was decided, Faith is not allowed to drink in public anymore (especially around Dale Earnhardt fans).

Sept 4, 1998 : 67 people attended- Weather was not written down- Golfing in the morning. Roger B. attended this Clamorama, I don't know if anyone introduced him to Scotty!

Sept. 3, 1999: 82 people attended - no weather written- Golfing with Paul's father Jack. Megan won the award for being the most toasted. Beer can return totaled $ 21.00. Dr. Frank asked if Rick and Louie were gay? Charlie grabbed Patti's butt, thinking it was his wife's butt!!

Sept 1, 2000: 57 people attended- Hot 88 degrees- Kevin brought a fire engine pinata for Steve, inside was the mysteriously missing shoes from BFP New years eve party. Rick brought cherries soaked in vodka.

August 31, 2001: 60 people attended: Rained most of the night-really windy- heater was used. The tent was along side the westwing, clamo was not in the back yet. Denise and Margaret mixed up their first seabreezes at 4:15 pm, Annette told them to pace themselves! That was a dumb thing to tell them!!! Faith wins the most obnoxious blond, she did not appreciate Luscious Leroy's humor.

August 30, 2002: 88 people attended, Band 4: no weather written. Moved party to the back, no longer lake front. Stoll Brothers are a big addition to Clamorama 6! Denny Hayden, Tom Wright, Dave and Dan Stoll. Megan and Denise rent a drink machine. 1st clamo Todd does not attend, due to accident. Bev said she ate record # of clams. Had big ol bonfire to close the night out strong. Stoll bros. ended with Ramblin gamblin man!!

August 29, 2003: 68 people attended, Band 4- Rainy crappy night. But Scotty drives to clamo in his new Crossfire

Sept. 4, 2004: 102 people attended, Band 4- Sunny Hot. Dave Stoll is in Toronto! Mark's (from the Dealership) band, Milk Thistle plays at clamo 8. Drink of the night is the Cosmopolitan. Hypnotic girl makes and appearance. Lucious and Faith hug, Steve J.'s shot was dumped down the drain and he had to leave. Tim Winks 40th birthday at 12am. A raccoon got into his truck in search of clams. Denise finally gets to play the tamborine. Most importantly great people from Lyndonville attend Clamo!!!

Sept 2, 2005: 71 people attended, Band 4- Hurricane winds- 79 degrees- sunny. Stoll brothers are back!! Small amt of fire works. Megan loses diamond earring, Denise finds it.

Sept. 1, 2006: 82 people attended, Band 4- no weather written. Lisa drives a new 65th Anniversary Grand Cherokee to clamo. Denise and Megan make a speech and the natives are not listening!! Cherry pits were spit on the side of Spencer's fort. Awesome Fireworks!! Clamo TEN!

August 31, 2007: 96 people attended, Band 4- Nice, lake almost flat. Party in the Box arrives on the scene. Amy and Dave make clamo debut!! Have a crew from Daemen and Geneseo! Denise gets a drink machine (grad present) and brings it to Clamo.

August 29, 2008: 107 people attended, Band 4- Nice, lake flat, beautiful night. We had a couple in attendance, who consumed the most alcohol and food ever seen at a clamo! Stoll Brothers as always awesome. Ended with Born to be wild and Magic carpet ride.

What will Clam-0 2009 bring??????????

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bison one-zero flight of 2

Got a really cool view of the flare drop mission over the Misty MOA Wednesday night. Two C-130 dropped a couple hundred flares at around 2100 hours. The flares were bright enough to illuminate the lake as you can see from this 4second exposure, Thanks to our friend Scott for the heads up.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Clam-o-rama 12

Clam-o-rama 12 was another success! Stoll Brothers once again rocked the house! We think everybody had a good time. Spencer and family did...zing dada bing!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Group pano

Coach and Ginny had 23 friends over for dinner and a campfire Sunday night, Angelfish somehow got every one to pose by the edge of the water for a cool group panoramic pic.

Frequent Flyer

This 1953 Piper Pacer gave us a nice low pass on Sunday afternoon, great day for flying and other lake stuff (like sipping bloody marys)